Why be part of the LARGE-PD?

The LARGE-PD is the largest consortium in Latin America working on the genetics and treatment of Parkinson's Disease. The members of the LARGE-PD are leaders in research and treatment of Parkinson's Disease in their countries. Join our movement today!

LARGE-PD Membership benefits

  • All members of the LARGE-PD consortium are active participants in PD international projects.

  • All members of the LARGE-PD consortium are beneficiaries of training in research in clinical and molecular levels.

  • All members of LARGE-PD consortium receive scientific and logistic support in the application process to research funds.

  • LARGE-PD requirements

  • The PI must be affiliated with a national or private institution that develops research

  • Have access to patients with PD, as well as healthy controls.

  • Have a project approved by a local ethics committee.

  • Identify the responsible person in your institution with the ability to sign international agreements.

  • Become part of LARGE-PD

  • Take a look to our LARGE-PD protocol here.

  • Looking for more information about the Join LARGE-PD process?
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